I am a product designer. I enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs. At present I am working at mint, designing a financial product for underbanked population.



Gather connects with people nearby and everyone you pass by. Timeline lets you keep track of everyone you've met so far. 


Mint Mobile Apps

Moving away from dashboard. Recently redesigned mint mobile apps highlight infromation in right context and at right time.


Yahoo Mail iPad App

Yahoo mail on iPad offers unique experience. It is certainly the best email management tool for tablets. Design is a not a scaled version of iPhone app but tailored for device form.


Yahoo Mail iPhone App

On mobile device email management is one of the significant tasks. The challenge was to design a better management experience and have familiarity across yahoo mail suite.


Yahoo Cricket iPhone App

The team of one designer and three developers with no prior experience of iOS, delivered app in just 4 months.

The work showcased here belongs to respective organization. It equally belongs to my friends working at coffee counter round the clock.