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The Perfect Indian Masala Chai

Let’s take a look at ingredients and few critical steps to make the perfect Indian Masala Tea. This recipe is one of the (I guess) hundreds of recipes. I do not like/prefer sugar in my tea. If you want to add sugar, add it per taste towards the end. Perfect water temperature is the key and you must use whole spices.

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Focus on sketching and not Sketch

Recently, I have observed many designers start solving the problem using Sketch software. Not that there is something wrong with this approach, I find this process to be extremely inefficient and super slow. Focusing on Sketching and not Sketch will help you to be more efficient and find better solutions.

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Do copy but do it right.

In my previous article (My dear fellas) I captured the high-level differences between UI and UX. Always remember, UI has a form (mobile, desktop, watch) and UX is formless. A weak UI may do the job, but a poor UX will never work. Think of UX as a story and UI as drawing revealing that story. You must have an engaging story to create the appealing drawing.

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Design Disruptors by InVision

An excellent marketing film, an hour-long advertisement.

I usually do not attend any design meet-ups or creative mornings as many revolve around recruiting or kind of cultural marketing.
Do not get me wrong; I like marketing but only when done for the products that help users 🙂 I can not just put marketing in driving seat. That’s me.

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I created few illustrations over a weekend as a time bound to exercise. The goal was to design different forms from one base drawing. In that process, I have explored complementary colors, primary and secondary colors, black and white and monotonous color schemes.

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The London Bridge

This time, the London bridge was not falling. Rather Asya, her mom (Yogita) and Her dad (me) were walking across the bridge and met a dinosaur and a fish.
Dad asked Dino to sing a song but he couldn’t. Dad played guitar on his iPhone and Dino clapped, clapped and clapped.
Fish and Asya and mom joined them with a melodious song.

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Bye bye Facebook

I have stopped using Facebook, for around two months, and I like it. Back in 2007, my colleague convinced me on how Facebook was cool compared to Orkut.

I enjoyed how simple Facebook was in the beginning. Over a period, it became complicated. Though it successfully won over the ‘virtual me’, I felt; I should say good bye to Facebook.

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Time that reacts

I have been using Apple watch for last month or two. I love it. It is my health tracking device. As much I am satisfied with health and workout apps, I am kind of disappointed with default watch faces. No offense, they are great, but that’s not how we react to time. It feels meh!

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My dear fellas

Especially young product designers! How are you guys doing? What’s happening?

Let me guess, you were working on a mockup, putting things together for a meeting, and you were using some software or prototyping tool. Right? If I got it right then, this is for you.

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Draw Big

I have seen many parents forcing their kids to draw on a small piece of paper or a drawing book. Is it the fear, that drawing on the wall will ruin the expensive paint, making their house look shabby. Or the pain to clean the wall? Maybe it is both.

While I understand why parents do this, I wonder if it is fair on the kids.

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