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Translation or Transliteration-II

In the previous post I wrote about how interesting it is, when we express the same meaning in various languages/scripts. You can find the post here. I took photograph of the restroom entrance (US and India). The reason I chose restroom entrance, as the context of the message remains the same throughout the world.

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September 28, 20112 Comments


Is this translation or transliteration?

Yesterday I was at Chennai airport. Thats where my wife saw this signage. I find this very interesting. I can not speak, read or write Tamil. But visually looks like, for a single word toilet, Tamil language has two words. Hindi language has a single word for toilet which is प्रसाधन / शौचालय. Read more

June 19, 20111 Comment

Exploring the relation between drama and digital media.

An experiment to re-look at digital experience
Part 1-Drama

For a long period of time my wife and I were talking about dance and drama. She is from classical dance and theater background. I have also acted (amazingly bad) in my college days. Our discussion lead us to two different topics. First, Indian classical dance and Indian scripts and second is drama and digital media.
This article is about the second topic. I'll complete this article in three parts. First about drama, second about digital media and third about their relation. This is an experiment to re-look at the digital media with new perspective. Read more

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