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Focus on sketching and not Sketch

Recently, I have observed many designers start solving the problem using Sketch software. Not that there is something wrong with this approach, I find this process to be extremely inefficient and super slow. Focusing on Sketching and not Sketch will help you to be more efficient and find better solutions.

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August 7, 2015No Comments

Draw Big

I have seen many parents forcing their kids to draw on a small piece of paper or a drawing book. Is it the fear, that drawing on the wall will ruin the expensive paint, making their house look shabby. Or the pain to clean the wall? Maybe it is both.

While I understand why parents do this, I wonder if it is fair on the kids.

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October 14, 2011No Comments

Coin design in India

"They shall no longer be a legal tender for payment as well as on account." - P Vijaya Bhaskar. Regional Director RBI

30 June 2011, when RBI stopped 25 paise coins, that left us with 50 paise, 1 rupee, 2 rupee and 5 rupee coins in circulation. I remember there was a 10 rupee coin as well. At one point we even had 1 paise, 2 paise, 3 paise coins.

Stainless steel coinage of 1 rupee, 25 and 50 paise, was introduced in 1988 and in 1992. I do not remember the exact date when the new designed coins came in circulation. Roughly I can say in 2007 we started using the new shining coins. This particular article attempts to compare the old coins and new coins. Read more

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Poster design for an internal event

Pixel Gone Faster

This is one of the internal conferences at Yahoo! Bangalore. I volunteered for designing the poster for this event. The conference is about the performance of the web-products.

Here is the design and early prototypes. Have a look. Do let me know your comments. Also you can download the stencil here, that can be used to create interesting paper arrows. Just fold the paper on the dotted lines.

Final poster on the notice board

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Pursuing Ideas

The best ideas raise more questions than answers. This is very inspiring video. Do watch it.

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Indian Letterforms in 3D

The word Bhrame in 3D

Word Bhrame in Kannada Script

I attended the workshop organized by Aksharaya last year. Aksharaya is a group of designers, educators, researchers and students, who are driven by a passion for Indian scripts, calligraphy and typography.

The experience was simply amazing. Selected designers away from the city chaos worked for three days on the given brief and the brief was Indian Letter-forms in 3D. You can view the final output in the form of beautiful calendar here.

My Concept and Quick Prototype

Illusion is a false interpretation by an individual considering his/her point of view and ignoring other views. In this example 'Bhrame' (Kannada script), certain shapes are arranged in a particular sequence angle and visibility if any of these is missing the correct interpretation becomes difficult. Read more

July 5, 2011No Comments

Pearl Academy of Fashion

Though I personally have not seen this structure I feel this is good design. Making use of location and what is available, morphogenesis team has done a good job.

What I like in this structure.

  1. Outer layer in the form of jali (net) controlling light.
  2. Maintaining the lower temperature of structure by creating shadows.
  3. Keeping the ground cool by creating water bodies in the path of air flow.
  4. Colour of the structure. Inner walls are dark and outer wall is of light colour. For me, makes it look like a cotton fabric.

Though I do not know why the structure it is not tall but wide? Would appreciate if some architect help me understand. Enjoy the video.

June 21, 20113 Comments

Exploring Similarities in Indian Script/s and Bharata Natyam

This experiment is an outcome of our (me and my wife Yogita) conversation. Under the guidance of my mentor and teacher Prof. Santosh Kshirsagar we could give our thought the current form.

This paper attempts to illustrate the similarities between the current form of Indian script, Devanagari and the Indian classical dance style, Bharata Natyam. The similarities are explored around the structure, construction and formation in these two distinctly different visual expressions. The linguistic approach can be explored as well; though this paper explicitly explores the visual aspect of script and dance.

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June 19, 20111 Comment

Exploring the relation between drama and digital media.

An experiment to re-look at digital experience
Part 1-Drama

For a long period of time my wife and I were talking about dance and drama. She is from classical dance and theater background. I have also acted (amazingly bad) in my college days. Our discussion lead us to two different topics. First, Indian classical dance and Indian scripts and second is drama and digital media.
This article is about the second topic. I'll complete this article in three parts. First about drama, second about digital media and third about their relation. This is an experiment to re-look at the digital media with new perspective. Read more

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