A good design process is people focused & inclusive. 

It can help the team to focus on the right set of problems by cutting the communication overload. A good design process creates cohesion in work. It can help the team to move fast. A good design process raises the quality of the output. It can help the business to win the competition. On the contrary, a cumbersome process can sometimes ignore the gut instinct. It may not help the team to think out of the box when needed and break conventions.
A design process is not insurance for decision making, neither a list of checkboxes. It is like a DMV Handbook, refer to it when in doubt, no need to read it while driving :)

Here is an overview of the process I follow.

2018 R3 Process


Design team focuses on figuring out the right set of user and business goals. Customer journey mapping, generative research, and data analysis are few activities to name in the design discovery phase. 


Considering the budget, scope, and the efforts, the team can define success metrics and narrow down to few goals. Definition phase focuses less on design and more on stakeholder alignment. 


With the right set of goals and tasks defined, design team focuses on solving the problem. Low fidelity wireframes, flows help to move fast validate the design solutions with users and engineers.


With the agile development process in mind, design team converts the wire-frames into higher fidelity mocks. The design team works closely with engineering team to ensure the quality output. 


The design team works closely with engineering and data analytics to evaluate the performance of a product. Depending on the result, the team goes back to the drawing board or further optimize the product.

Reflecting the process in day to day

2018 Work 1 IA

Organizing application data considering product usage frequency and impact on user emotions. Designing for delight.

2018 Work 2 Data

Aligning with product and engineering on information collected from users how it can help both users and business.

2018 Work 3 Flow

Detailed flows with use cases which further transformed into individual screens.


Evaluating a flow for better conversion and quick wireframes for a feature.

2018 Work 4 Design Delivery
2018 Work 5 Design Delivery

Delivering design to product and engineering. Focusing on flow and not individual screens for better scoping and planning.

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