Hello there! I’m Harshad.

With 15 years of experience as a product designer, I have worked across diverse industries such as Media and Communication, Fintech, and Platform as a Service. My goal has always been to create innovative solutions for individuals and businesses.

In the Fintech sector, I spent seven years designing various financial tools, including budgeting aids, prepaid debit cards for the unbanked and underbanked, credit monitoring applications, and marketplaces for personal loans and credit cards. Now, I'm focusing on underwriting, a specialized field that involves risk assessment and credit evaluation.

In the upcoming case studies, I will share three projects that showcase my expertise. Each case study will highlight the challenges, the innovative solutions I developed, and the positive impact achieved. The projects span across Media and Communication, Fintech, and Platform as a Service, demonstrating my versatile design approach in different domains.

Cooking and painting are my go-to activities when I need to unwind and recharge. There's something so satisfying about chopping vegetables or swirling paint on a canvas—it's like a therapeutic dance that brings me a sense of calm and contentment.