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My name is Harshad. I am a user experince design leader.

Designing to me is systematically removing hurdles to improve human life. The design is not limited to producing a beautiful artifact. A good design solution can be invisible and be effective at the same time. For a design to be successful, it is essential to understand the context and constraints. Without understanding the context, we may focus on less important things. And without constraints, we may not improve beyond one solution.

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NerdWallet Rewards
NerdWallet Rewards

A monthly rewards program designed to build good spending habits and engage users with the product. It took several itetrations to create a positive mental model around sweepstakes. The primary challenge was to balance the amount, number of rewards and frequency of draw.


NerdWallet Advice On Demand
NerdWallet Advice On Demand

Advice on Demand is a platform that connects the user to the financial advisor. The product helps the users to get the second opinion on financial situations at no cost. First of its kind platform, had a customer facing app, advisor tool, and a bot. It was the unique design challenge and opportunity.



Reimagining the user experience for a million active users need a lot of patience. Rushing things without understanding the impact can damage the brand value. We started by making small tweaks, leading to new features. We listened to our user needs and referred the data.


Yahoo! Mail

On mobile devices email management is one of the most important tasks. The challenge was to offer better management experience than competitors; and have familiarity across yahoo mail suite. ?We designed several features and exposing checkboxes in list view was just a beginning.



I can help to

I can help to

Define strategy and execute design
Define strategy and execute design

Defining the high-level strategic vision and translating the vision into the final designs for mobile (touch) and web (click) interfaces.

Communicate ideas efficiently

Running collaborative design sessions with stakeholders, design peers and project team members. Communicating strategy, design concepts by carefully considering the audience needs.

Lead and manage design team
Lead design team

Lead and manage a team that delivers effective solutions within timelines, and scope. Creating a healthy, playful and challenging work environment for senior and junior designers.

Build empathy for the user
Build empathy for the user

Advocating for user goals and needs in the project and designing experiences that are memorable, delightful and engaging for the end users.

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