👋 Hello, It’s nice to meet you. I am Harshad.

Welcome to my little collection of work and personal stuff.

Quick intro, I am working as a Staff II Product Designer at Credit Karma. I lead the Credit Cards and Personal loans design team. We have shipped some cool stuff in the last two years.

I am lucky to have worked with the incredible minds at Credit Karma, Dropbox, NerdWallet, Mint, and Yahoo. 

My journey as a designer is fantastic so far, shipping products across collaboration, fintech, media, and communication platforms. Drop me a line if you want to catch up.

Maybe we can help each other build world-class experiences and succeed together.

Looking for someting more specific? 

Let me know which case study you want to discuss in detail; we will find time for a deep dive. Understanding your background and goal will help me to prepare accordingly.

Get the best personal loan with confidance

Marketplace - Credit Karma, 2020

Manage your exsisting loan

Driving engagement and awareness  - Credit Karma, 2020

Share and manage content more efficiently

Colloboration  - Dropbox, 2019

Get rewarded for good financial habits

Driving engagement and awareness - NerdWallet, 2017

Chat with a financial adviser for free

Communication, Fintech  - NerdWallet, 2016