Welcome to my gallery of work and personal stuff.

I'm a dad, designer, painter and a mentor.

Currently working at Credit Karma, I'm designing solutions for our members and our partners. I'm lucky to have worked with the incredible minds at Credit Karma, Dropbox, NerdWallet, Mint, and Yahoo. My journey as a designer is fantastic so far, shipping products across collaboration, fintech, media, and communication platforms. 

Drop me a line if you want to catch up. Maybe we can help each other build world-class experiences and succeed together.


I believe design systematically removes hurdles and improves our life. Design is not limited to a beautiful interface or a form. It is about bringing all the visible and invisible pieces together for the end users. A good design solution can be invisible and impactful at the same time.
A successful design is an output of well-understood context and constraints, as both facilitate the priorities and limitations to make progress.

Personal stuff