Frequently used apps are easily available and rest are arranged by task

Finally… I spent some time to organize Apps on my iPhone 6+. I bought iPhone 6+ this January and I am really happy with the device, it has not bent…yet(lol). I was using iPhone 5s and Nexus 5 before moving to iPhone 6+, Yes… I used two phones at a time. And before that I was using Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s and iPhone 4 and the list goes on…

What I have observed for last couple of months is the time spent using phone has gone up. Bigger screen always gets the credit but I strongly believe it is long lasting battery too.

I bought iPhone 6+ Gold 128 GB without contract for around $1100. There are various reasons why I bought 128 GB device. You might agree to few.

Using data to stream music vs downloading songs

My data usage was 3GB per month and most of it was songs, it has dropped to nearly half after I started downloading songs. I use Spotify, Savaan and Music apps regularly. Music is a big relief for me during traffic jams. Earlier I used to stream normal quality music (96kbit/s). I have now around 20GB music stored locally and is available offline. Thanks to Spotify and Savvan, for offering 320kbit/s sync.

Spotify and Saavan offers High Quality Audio Sync.

My hypothesis is over a period of time I’ll save more money on data. Each carrier has different data plans. T-Mobile sounds the best in the area of daily commute but is worthless when you hit the road. Verizon works almost everywhere but is expensive. Each one is trying their best to offer the ultimate package.

No one really cares about the footprint of app anymore.

We have developed games with 2~7 MB footprint. Those days are gone. Asphalt 8 eats 1.6 GB and Vainglory 961 MB. Even a simple game like Shadowmatic requires 200+MB space. If you want to play more games and use more apps you need storage.

So far I have already used 43.7 GB in just three months. I could be wrong in my hypothesis around long term benefit, let’s see how it goes.

Interestingly bigger display has not changed the one hand mode. At least I find it difficult. One handed usage is 49%

I have found that as an excuse not to buy big phones like iPhone 6Plus, Nexus 6, One Plus. It is difficult to navigate on bigger phones specially in iOS.

With back button placed on top left corner, it is difficult to navigate easily on iPhone 6+ running iOS8.

There are shortcuts e.g. swipe from left edge of the screen but not many users are aware of these shortcuts. Reachability gesture in iOS 8 is confusing. It has too much of learning curve. Here is how

One touch to unlock the phone using touch ID. Press home button twice to switch apps and access recent contacts/multitasking. Press and hold to talk to Siri and now double touch for Reachability. It is too much to remember and difficult to build a muscle memory around. In fact this gesture makes the task slow and complicated.

Spotlight works as a shortcut to find apps

Similar principle is applicable for apps. Arranging apps alphabetically is no more useful on iPhone 6+. I have 144 apps installed on my iPhone. Arranging them alphabetically was not the option. Apps were spread across 5 screens.

Again, there is a shortcut to reach an app, swipe down on the home screen and start typing the name. Very few users remember this shortcut or instinctively use this gesture when asked to open the app.

I chose a simple workaround. One can fit 28 apps on a screen without using folders. So I chose the most frequently used apps and put them on home screen. Remaining were arranged by the task. Even on the home screen I arranged the frequently used apps towards right thumb, considering the fan movement of thumb. But this is not enough. It is still difficult to navigate within the app. There is a need to understand how users are holding big phones and make necessary change in software. Steven Hoober did an awesome research on how users hold mobile device.

We have powerful processors, amazing battery performance but I feel software design is not catching up with the change. It is leaning towards cosmetic.

My interpretation of easy and difficult zones on larger screens.