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Exploring the relation between drama and digital media.

An experiment to re-look at digital experience
Part 1-Drama

For a long period of time my wife and I were talking about dance and drama. She is from classical dance and theater background. I have also acted (amazingly bad) in my college days. Our discussion lead us to two different topics. First, Indian classical dance and Indian scripts and second is drama and digital media.
This article is about the second topic. I'll complete this article in three parts. First about drama, second about digital media and third about their relation. This is an experiment to re-look at the digital media with new perspective. Read more

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iPad Grid

After exploring few options for ipad grid structure, I designed this grid. Thought may be helpful for other designers.
We all are aware of grids, but just for the reference you can download it here.
View iPad Grid Read more

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Getting the grid right for web pages

Most of us are familiar with 970 px wide page layout. We divide the area into multiple columns and gutters. This is how it is done as shown in figure 1.1. It gives us more options for designing modules, but in width. Most of the time module height is decided by the content in the module, if not then adjusted optically. Read more

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Designing an application for iPhone

Recently I developed an iPhone application for Yahoo! Cricket. It was an amazing experience, at the same time exciting as I was working on mobile again after two years. Design went through several iterations. Early concepts were outburst of excitement. After the hand-off to the developers, I released that the design is lacking iPhone application character. Thought it was solving all the use-cases and looking better than other available applications in the market.

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