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April 17, 2016
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I have stopped using Facebook, for around two months, and I like it. Back in 2007, my colleague convinced me on how Facebook was cool compared to Orkut.

I enjoyed how simple Facebook was in the beginning. Over a period, it became complicated. Though it successfully won over the ‘virtual me’, I felt; I should say good bye to Facebook.

Like is an obligation

And is meaningless. Think about it!

Over time, it became a task with no emotional value. Do not get me wrong, for software; it is the great source of data. It learns a lot from your actions and recommends content accordingly.

I asked few people about it; most answered they ‘just like it’ or not pay enough attention to it. I understand not all actions needs to be justified. But if you feel obliged to like your friend’s travel photos, there is something wrong. I dedicated my mornings to browse Facebook and ‘Like’ what my friends were doing. Not anymore.

If I want to share ‘the experience’ with my friend, I will talk to him or meet in person to see the happy face and hear the excitement. I’ll invest time.

Same goes to post

If I am traveling and feel obliged to post on Facebook, there is something wrong. Rather than enjoying the moment many of us are busy posting and waiting to see who liked their post. For few it is more rewarding than actual travel. In short we are investing more time managing our virtual existence.

The virtual me is dangerous. I was spending too much time managing virtual me. My profile pictures, photographs, places I visit, etc… At one point I was posting my life on Facebook.

Facebook organizes memories 🙁

Memories are the most valuable asset for me. Time plays an important role to make an experience a memory. You have to miss someone or something to feel the importance. Staying connected all the time dilutes the value of that person or so called friend.

Getting off Facebook helped me to understand who I miss and with whom I want to stay connected.

Facebook made it is easy to stay connected with everyone, 24 X 7… too easy I stopped taking efforts. I started loosing importance of distance and time and taking things for granted.

Take efforts, too much easy is not good

We ignore the importance of efforts. We want to make our life easy, and that’s fair. Someone’s time and efforts evaluate how ‘easy’ the thing was. Less time and efforts mean easy. Well, that’s right with certain things but not all.

I stopped remembering birthdays, what my friends like and dislike, as a digital tool started documenting and reminding me. I was dependent on the tool and started taking it for granted. Not anymore!

I do miss few things

I miss the ability to reach someone quickly. Alternatives are there. I am reaching out my ‘friends’. It is time-consuming but happening for sure. Facebook communities, is one more thing I miss. It allowed me to ask questions to the group of people and learn quickly.

Well! That’s the cost I am paying, which is worth in my opinion. 🙂


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