March 6, 2015
1 min read

Swipe gesture is very interesting gesture. It moves information in and out from the view and allows user to complete a task quickly. Mailbox app, launched in 2013 used this gesture very differently. It solved mail organization problem in a smart way. In my opinion it added a cognitive load. User must learn swipe direction and duration. This load was worth as the return was better.

It will be helpful if swipe gesture can provide better context in such interactions. Instead of moving message off the view it should maintain context for user to take desired action. Hypothesis is, providing context minimizes errors. To do so I am experimenting with few motion techniques.

Detach the message user is interacting with. Let message and profile picture move at different speed. Profile picture stays in the view providing context while message moves out. It is a very subtle motion but I believe it may help to minimize errors.


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