I have seen many parents forcing their kids to draw on a small piece of paper or a drawing book. Is it the fear, that drawing on the wall will ruin the expensive paint, making their house look shabby. Or the pain to clean the wall? Maybe it is both.

While I understand why parents do this, I wonder if it is fair on the kids.

What does drawing on the wall mean?

Rather than reacting, start observing as they draw on the wall. Feel the force in their strokes, observe the length of each stroke. Observe their reaction and expressions.

What I have observed is longer strokes in all directions and big circles. Something impossible to draw on a piece of paper or drawing book.

Standing and drawing allows them to move freely, I feel this is most important aspect they miss while drawing on a piece of paper.

Our daughter shouts out loud as she draws on the wall. She runs alongside with crayon in hand.

Cleaning is no fun…

but, I always wanted my daughter to draw on the wall. So, I started with letter size sheets. I was thinking I’ll retain few of these and gift her after few years. I found this approach time-consuming and not very effective.

Initial experiment

On her 2nd birthday, I started covering walls with art paper roll (18 In X 72 ft). Something easy to replace and retain.

On her birthday

So far she is enjoying drawing. I am avoiding teaching her how to draw house, flower, sun and blah, blah, blah… as I want her to explore her own versions and not to follow anyone.

lots of lines, small, big, horizontal and vertical
circular strokes, curves

Is this cost effective?

In a way it is, Art paper roll is $6.00 a piece and a masking tape $18. Definitely cheaper than many toys you can buy. To me, it is something unique that I could gift her later, as a memory of her childhood.