Exploring Similarities in Indian Script/s and Bharata Natyam

June 21, 2011
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This experiment is an outcome of our (me and my wife Yogita) conversation. Under the guidance of my mentor and teacher Prof. Santosh Kshirsagar we could give our thought the current form. We presented our experiment at Typography Day 2011 at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Paper Presentation at Typography Day 2011

This paper attempts to illustrate the similarities between the current form of Indian script, Devanagari and the Indian classical dance style, Bharata Natyam. The similarities are explored around the structure, construction and formation in these two distinctly different visual expressions. The linguistic approach can be explored as well; though this paper explicitly explores the visual aspect of script and dance. (more…)

Mukund Gokhale
thanks! you took the action immediately. there is nothing wrong about the spelling. my father used to write it that way and it is there in all the documents right from my birth. invariably all computer programms convert it to ‘v’ by default. varnna daridrii lipiikaduun aapan kaay apekshaa karnaar? ‘devanaagari’ sarkhi paripurnna dhawnaytmak lipii naahi.
Mukund Gokhale
I spell my name as Mukund Wasudeo Gokhale (M. W. and not M.V. as quoted in the reference list) I liked your approach to present the topic
Thanks a lot for appreciating our work, also I have corrected your name. Apologies for wrong spelling.

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