Focus on sketching and not Sketch

April 14, 2017
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I've observed many designers start solving the problem using Sketch software. Not that there is something wrong with this approach, I find this process to be extremely inefficient and super slow. Focusing on Sketching and not Sketch will help you to be more efficient and find better solutions.

1. It helps to learn from past mistakes as you grow

The problem with Command+Z is, it treats the errors and constraints the same way. Aligning the elements is way different than turning on and off layers because of technical limitations.

Referring to earlier mistakes and constraints helps to connect the dots when solving new problems.

2. It helps to reduce noise

When solving a user problem aka designing you need to focus on what users are thinking, saying, behaving and feeling. Your sketchbook or whiteboard will allow you to concentrate on these users problems by removing the interface from the equation. Read my previous article about UX and UI. Solving UX problems earlier in phase will help you to design efficient and beautiful interface later.

3. It helps to paint the picture at high level, quickly

Designing is like painting to me. Capture the moment in drawing, colors and then get into fine tuning details. My Sketchbook allows me to paint the high-level picture (super fast). It means I can quickly capture how the flow is going to be, what open questions I have, where I need to align with my stakeholders etc. The alignment with the parties concerned is critical early on in the process for the efficient and elegant solution.

4. It helps to focus better on an interface detail

Yes! Sketching helps to design efficient and beautiful interfaces because you are not spending time thinking about metaphors, flows, errors when using a computer software. Ideally, you have solved these before jumping into Sketch. When using a software, you should totally focus on pixels and layout.

A computer software should be used to compile user story and not to write it.

Bouns đź™‚ It will build confidence when you’ll browse your old work

Browsing my old sketchbook plays a recap of my overall journey as a designer. It helps me to understand the depth of design problems I was solving earlier in my career, and now, ultimately my sketchbook is my graphic novel picturing my growth a designer.

Let me know your thoughts, would love to hear your perspective.


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