Indian Letterforms in 3D

July 12, 2011
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The word Bhrame in 3D
Word Bhrame in Kannada Script

I attended the workshop organized by Aksharaya last year. Aksharaya is a group of designers, educators, researchers and students, who are driven by a passion for Indian scripts, calligraphy and typography.

The experience was simply amazing. Selected designers away from the city chaos worked for three days on the given brief and the brief was Indian Letter-forms in 3D. You can view the final output in the form of beautiful calendar here.

My Concept and Quick Prototype
Illusion is a false interpretation by an individual considering his/her point of view and ignoring other views. In this example 'Bhrame' (Kannada script), certain shapes are arranged in a particular sequence angle and visibility if any of these is missing the correct interpretation becomes difficult.

Here is the experiment taking shape.

Step 1: First piece placed on the canvas

Inspiration: Shigeo Fukuda

Shigeo Fukuda

Shigeo Fukuda was a sculptor, graphic artist and poster designer who created optical illusions. Lunch With a Helmet On, a sculpture created entirely from forks, knives, and spoons, that casts a detailed shadow of a motorcycle. "Duet" and "Disappearing Column" are the two sculptors which inspired me for this experiment.

I wish to extend the same experiment in various Indian scripts in near future.

I Would like to thank Girish and Prof Shubhanand Jog for helping me execute the first prototype. Also I want to thank Supreo Mukhopadhyay for introducing me to Shigeo Fukuda.


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