Ohh!!! Not the Facebook Origami. Facebook Origami is an awesome tool to bring ideas to life. I am referring to the art of paper folding. Directly or indirectly art of paper folding has taught me a lot.

I look at it as a systematic approach to solve a problem.

There is no escape, each step is equally important

Sonobe, 12 folds per sheet, 30 sheets. Took me two hours to finish…

You must know what are you aiming for? What are you trying to achieve? If it is complex and time consuming split that into several simple steps but do not skip the step. Time is the not a reason to skip steps.

A quick paper prototype helps a lot. Whiteboard sketching brings the team together and facilitates conversation. These tools are faster than your computer.

Origami teaches you to carry your mistakes along, there is no cmd+z

The mistake is not a throwaway work. It is a proof that something did not work as you thought. The only way to learn is to make mistakes and lot of them, but more important is to remember them. I prefer sketching my ideas on paper and avoid using digital media. Simply because I can easily refer back to my sketchbook. It has worked so far.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

In 1983 Akira Yoshizaea was awarded by one of the highest honors in Japan, Order of the Rising Sun

Akira Yoshizawa, the Japanese origami master created more than 50,000 models according to his own estimate. In the process, he developed a technique of
wet-folding. Imagine how many times he must have folded the paper in a similar way.

You’ll have to fold the paper again and again. It is repetitive and sounds boring. But it will make you better and confident. Eventually, you’ll get there. Just keep on practicing, sharpen your skills.

Finish what you are working on

If you believe, your idea is going to help product and consumer but there is not enough room to play with it. Do not stop working on your idea. Solve for the short term but keep working on your idea side-by-side.

Many of us focus on the next big thing and want to be a part of that. It is important to be ambitious but it is equally important to finish what you have started. It will lead you to an example in the end and highlight necessary steps you might want to improve on.

Constraints could be fun

Let me get this straight, there is no ideal situation. There will constrain all the time, but instead of fighting constrains, focus your energy on the opportunity.

You don’t really need glue and scissors, simply fold a paper as precisely as you can. I think it’s amazing. Constrain could possibly reduce noise around you and let you focus on one task at a time.