Hello there! Welcome to my little gallery of work and personal stuff. I'm a dad, a painter, a designer and a mentor.

At present, I am leading the credit cards and the personal loans design team. We have shipped some cool products in the last two years. I am grateful to have worked with the incredible minds at Credit Karma, Dropbox, NerdWallet, Mint, and Yahoo.


Personal loans marketplace: Find the best personal loan meeting your needs.

Credit Karma - 2020

I believe design systematically removes hurdles and improves our life. Design is not limited to a beautiful interface or a form. It is about bringing all the visible and invisible pieces together for the end users. A good design solution can be invisible and impactful at the same time.
A successful design is an output of well-understood context and constraints, as both facilitate the priorities and limitations to make progress.


My loans: Manage your existing loan and save money on interest

Credit Karma - 2021


Application status tracking: Track status of your loan application to get funded on time

Credit Karma - 2021


Borrowing power: Confidently shop for loans without impacting your score

Credit Karma - 2021