That fine detail

March 2, 2015
1 min read

Now a days lot of mobile apps use card as an interface to display information. Card surfaces information when needed. User interaction and behavior makes card smart.

The other way to build smart cards is, to give user the control to tweak data/information shown. The control provided on top right corner brings a small view in front of the user. It usually shows UI controls like buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons etc. The important aspect of this interaction is how view is presented to the user.

Below are three options of motion design. The first drops the view top down. The second and third option brings the view from top right corner.

The first option does not offer any connectivity between the control and the view. The interaction does not feel harmonious. The second and third option does highlight that harmony.

The second option feels more aggressive. There is a bounce effect added to the card, which in my opinion can be avoided. The third option the feels much smoother and controlled.


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