In the previous post I wrote about how interesting it is, when we express the same meaning in various languages/scripts. You can find the post here. I took photograph of the restroom entrance (US and India). The reason I chose restroom entrance, as the context of the message remains the same throughout the world.

Using illustrations along with the text helps to establish the meaning for a stranger (a person who can not read a particular script). Check illustration on Ticket A, hand holding the card infront of an instrument. Also check beautiful illustration at Mumbai Airport restroom. 

In this post I am adding two examples of tickets. Ticket A was issued in Hong Kong in 2011 and Ticket B in Ooty in 2008.

One day pass at hong kong airport

Ticket A- One day pass at Hong Kong airport

Notice 1,2,3 and 4. Chinese characters occupy less space than Latin. May be, because it is a logogram. But in Ticket B you can clearly see Tamil sprit is occupying more space than Devanagari and Latin. In case of Ticket B it is transliteration but in case of ticket A, it is translation, mainly because of voice of instruction.

Ticket issued at Ooty

Ticket B was issued at Ooty

Do let me know your comments, suggestions.

By the way, East India Company 'folks' probably change the name Udagamandalam to Ooty, as it was hard to pronounce.